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Mercury HP525 Fuel Management System

Arizona Speed and Marine now has the solution for the HP525 owner looking to take their engine to the next level. Up until now, there hasn't been an way to tune for improvements to the HP525 such as adding a supercharger, going to a bigger camshaft, or taking the HP525 to 540 inches. These had always been popular upgrades to the HP500 which was the predecessor to the HP525. The new Motorola ECU that Mercruiser went with on the 525 makes it impossible to tune for aftermarket upgrades due to the lack of calibration software for the new ECU. We can now provide you will all the components to allow complete control over the fuel delivery, ignition timing, rev-limiter and much more.

The kit comes with the following components:

- Delphi MEFI ECU

- Marine Spec Wiring Harness

- 58X Big Block Chevy Reluctor Wheel

- Ignition Coil Packs with mounting bracket and hardware

- All Necessary additional sensors

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