Click to enlargeMercury 575 SCI Boost Kit

Arizona Speed & Marine is proud to announce the introduction of their 575 SCI Boost Kit (part # ASM-4008). This new kit is great to squeeze up to 80-horsepower out of your Mercury 575 SCI engine. Tested and confirmed horsepower gains are achieved through recalibration of your ECU which raises the rev limiter. Other performance enhancements include raising the boost pressure with a blue anodized billet pulley, MSD 6M 2L, with rev limit, spark box and a 120-degree thermostat.

Benefits of the 575 SCI Boost Kit include improved horsepower along with cleaner idling characteristics and the reduction of black soot on your transom.

Each 575 SCI Boost Kit is equipped with the following:

ECU Re-Calibration

AS&M Billet Blower Pulley

MSD Spark Box and Jumper Harness

AS&M 120-degree Thermostat

575SCI Kit$1,075.00
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