1982-92 F-Body L98
1985-1991 Large Tube Intake Runners
1985-1992 Large Tube Intake Runners
1985-91 Corvette L98
1986-1997 F-Body 58 MM throttle valve
1992-96 Corvette LT1
1993-95 Camaro Z-28 only single cat Pro-Series 4.0" Tips
1993-95 F-Body single cat Pro-Series 3.5" Tips
1993-97 F-Body LT1
1993-97 LT-1 F-Body Monblade Throttle valve
1993-mid 1995 Camaro 5.7 V-8 Single Cat w/Twin 4.5" Oval Tips
1993-mid 1995 Camaro 5.7 V-8 Single Cat. w/Quad 4.5" Oval Tips
1993-mid 1995 Formula & T/A V-8 Single Cat. w/Twin 4.5" Oval Tips
1993-mid 1995 Formula 5.7 V-8 Single Cat w/Quad 4.5" Oval Tips
1995-97 Camaro Z-28 only dual cats Pro-Series 4.0" Tips
1995-97 F-Body dual cats Pro-Series 3.5" Tips
1998-2002 HP500 EFI Vortech Supercharger system
4 Cylinder
454, 502, 540, 572 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Gen. VI
454-502 Automotive TPI System w/ GM ECU & Harness
454/502 Mag and HP500 Super Tune Kit
496 Mag and HO Supercharger System
496 Sport Tube Header Performance Package
58 MM throttle valves
58 MM ZZ502 Ramjet Throttle Valve
58MM Billet Throttle valve
Adjustable Marine Regulator Hat
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump
Aeromotive A1000 Injected Bypass Regulator
Aeromotive Billet 10 Micron Fuel Filter
After Market Products
Analog Input Kit
ARP Head Bolts, Studs Kits & Fasteners
B & B Performance Exhaust
Bank to Bank Engine Management Systems
Big Block and Ramjet
Billet throttle valves:
Block Services
Buick V6
Buick V6 (Early)
Complete Fuel Injection Systems
Connector Kits (Connecters, Seals, and Terminals only)
Corsa Exhaust Systems
Custom Marine Inc. Headers
Cylinder Head Service
Dart Iron Eagle Chevy Big Block Cyl. Head Bare Castings

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