FAST eDIST Electronic Distributor

Introducing eDIST™, the latest in electronic distributor technology. eDIST™ is designed to effectively replace a mechanical distributor for increased reliability and flexibility. It also allows the use of aftermarket EFI systems on engines with distributorless ignition systems, such as the LS1. It is excellent for new vehicles or for high-tech engine swaps. eDIST™ is easy to use and program. It’s versatile. Operating parameters can be easily configured by the user with DIP switches for many different applications.


• Controls multiple coils on virtually any engine

• Compatible with LS1 engines*

• Compatible with “coil-on-plug” and “waste spark” ignitions

• Can be configured for 2-8 cylinders for “coil-on-plug” applications

• Can be configured for 4-16 cylinders for “waste spark” applications

• Allows the use of aftermarket EFI systems on newer distributorless engines

• Replaces mechanical distributor on older engines

• Retrofits street rods with “coil-on-plug” technology

• Compatible with “smart coils” and traditional ignition coils

NOTE: A crank reference signal and a cam reference signal are necessary for proper operation.

* Requires conventional 4X ignition trigger signal

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