FAST ECU Data Logger

Our advanced remote ECU touch screen Data Logger™ eliminates the need to have a laptop computer in the vehicle to capture and record sensor data.

Performance enthusiasts can use the data logger to capture a vast range of performance-related data for subsequent download to a computer. The user can then evaluate and modify a wide range of parameters to fine tune engine performance without having to lift the hood.

The data logger records up to 30 minutes of sensor data from as many as 14 sensors, making this the most powerful and practical new engine tuning tool available.

Starting a data log is also significantly easier. Rather than having to reach over to a laptop keyboard, the user can establish an automatic trigger point related to a specified sensor level. A push-button trigger can also be added for mounting on the steering wheel, shifter, dashboard or other convenient location.

The ECU Data Logger™ includes C-Com WP™ software designed for use with FAST ™ Bank-to-Bank and Sequential Fuel Injection (SEFI) engine management systems. The C-Com WP™ software allows for simultaneous display and editing of fuel maps, timing curves, enrichment tables and data logs.


• XFI units can be upgraded with internal logging with software.

• Classic units require data cable # 30-1442.

• Evaluates a wide range of parameters from up to 14 sensors

• Records up to 30 minutes of data with ultra-high resolution

• Accepts a push button trigger for immediate data logging

• Includes C-Com WP™ software to assist in EFI tuning

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