Understanding the Importance of Subaru Lug Nut Size: A Comprehensive Guide


If you're a Subaru driver, you recognize the reliability, durability, and performance of your car. Nonetheless, it's also essential to familiarize yourself with the intricate parts and accessories that make up your vehicle - particularly those that are often overlooked yet still vital. In this piece we'll be exploring one particular part - fasteners used to secure a wheel to a Subaru vehicle.

What are Lug Nuts?

Lug nuts are vital components in ensuring the longevity of your vehicle; they attach wheels to the hub and make sure that they remain securely fixed. Crafted from steel, aluminum, or titanium, lug nuts come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can find one perfectly suited for your car's axle.

Importance of Proper Lug Nuts

Your car's wheels and suspension components can be put at risk if you choose the wrong lug nuts. Additionally, incorrect lug nuts may lead to wheel detachment or severely hazardous accidents! Therefore, it is essential to use appropriate-sized and type of Subaru lug nut for your safety as well as the longevity of your vehicle.

Subaru Lug Nut Sizes

Subaru lug nut sizes can vary across different model years and vehicle models, so to ensure a safe fit for your car, here is an overview of some of the most common Subaru lug nut sizes:

a. Impreza - The majority of Impreza models feature 12mm x 1.25 thread pitch lug nuts, which have a 60-degree conical seat structure for proper fitment and secure clamping force.

b. WRX/STI -The lug nuts on WRX and STI models require a 12mm x 1.25 thread pitch, but the seat size is distinct - a 60-degree tapered seat specifically.

c. Legacy - Equipment with legacy models requires 12mm x 1.25 thread pitch lug nuts and a 60-degree tapered seat to function properly.

d. Forester - Most Forester models require lug nuts with a 12mm x 1.25 thread pitch and 60-degree tapered seat for optimal performance.

e. Outback - The Outback model demands that lug nuts must be 12mm x 1.25 in thread pitch and with a 60-degree tapered seat for optimum performance.

Lug Nut Torque Specification

Ensuring you use the accurate torque specification when fastening your lug nuts is essential. The precise torque values differ depending on the size of your lug bolts and Subaru model, as over-tightening or under-tightening can result in serious harm to your wheels or cause them to come loose while driving.

How to Measure Lug Nuts?

Unsure of the size of your Subaru lug nuts? Don't fret! Sizing tools are easy to come by and simple to use. Just place it over the lug nut, and you'll be able to clearly read its measurements in no time!

Lug Nut Replacement

When it comes to replacing your Subaru lug nuts, only genuine Subaru parts will do. Authentic parts are precisely crafted for the specific model of your car and guarantee optimal safety and performance. Conversely, using non-genuine parts can lead to compatibility issues-- so don't take any chances with substandard replacements!

Where to Buy Subaru Lug Nuts?

Search no further than your local Subaru dealership, or explore online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and SubaruParts.com for genuine Subaru lug nuts!


Ultimately, the security of your Subaru and yourself relies on having the correct lug nuts for your specific model. Determine what size and torque specification is needed for replacing them, then switch out with genuine Subaru parts. By following these easy steps, you can guarantee that your vehicle will maintain its best performance while keeping you safe as well!

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